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Salon Spotlight: Niki Sorrentino
Our Salon Spotlight was the sassy Niki Sorrentinio, who did a fun trio of songs with the help of piano stylings of Jeff Cubeta.  With a sweet voice that had a lovely edge to it, she started up with the peppily sarcastic journey through New York City and the perils of Times Square, "I Think of You" by Andrew Koss. Putting a twist on her "8th Grade Audition song," Niki did a jazzy version of "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden, allowing Jeff to show off his walking bass piano skills. She finally raised the roof with a hot rendition of "Filthy/Gorgeous" by the Scissor Sisters.

Niki can be seen being "Filthy Gorgeous" with Jeff Cubeta at the piano at The Metropolitan Room on July 16th at 7pm. Bring your Grindr app and have fun!

The Salon Blog
Niki Sorrentino
"We heard her in a duet earlier, but were then treated to a solo by Niki Sorrentino, who sang Toxic, cleverly transforming a slinky pop song into a snap-inducing sly swing number."

The Salon Blog
"Viki and Niki Sorrentino, who sang Sister Act/Solid Silver, representing the American Dream in full harmony.

Women Around Town
"The Sorrentino Sisters (Niki and Victoria Sorrentino) sing the title song “Imaginary Friend” with high spirits and excellent harmony"

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